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WWE SmackDown Live Results and Reaction for 9th January 2018

WWE SmackDown It may only be a matter of time before Daniel Bryan turns his heel and we’ll see how the road to the Royal Rumble will develop as it makes its way through the WWE SmackDown Universe.

Opening segment

AJ Styles came to the ring and Renee Young was there for an informal interview in the director’s chairs. Young asked Styles if he thought it was fair that he was booked at a handicap match in Philadelphia and Styles said he wished he had not said that Daniel Bryan could also have turned him into a handicap and said it sarcastically at first.

Then, he started talking about how he would win the match anyway, it did not matter that the odds were not favorable to him, while also saying that it was not fair. But life is not fair either. The fact that KO and SZ have a victory over him does not mean they need a disability.

Styles said it’s not a smart booking to book a match on SmackDown and then Daniel Bryan asked him if he thought he was playing as a favorite, and then asked the same about Shane McMahon. Styles said he’s not getting involved, so that’s a way to not advance that story at the moment.

AJ said he could not let “those two idiots” hit him and once he beat them on the same night there will be no doubt that SmackDown Live, and just when he was about to say “the house that AJ Styles built” Kevin Owens ‘beat of the music and left the Yep Movement.

Owens said that people should call AJ “The Remorseful” AJ Styles instead of Phenomenal and Sami Zayn said, “Yes!”

KO said that heaven does not work miracles on people like AJ Styles and that he has no chance of leaving Royal Rumble with the WWE Championship … Zayn said: “Yes!”

Kevin said they will be the first co-WWE champions … Sami said, “Yes!”

They will turn him into the Kevin and Sami Show and they will do what they want, “yes, yes, yes, yes” … “Yes”, in fact the chants started because it is a funny word to say.

Then Shane McMahon came into the situation and said he had to go with AJ Styles and said the handicap match is not fair. Shane said he is puzzled why D-Bry was going to reserve the match in the first place. But Shane McMahon still backed Daniel Bryan’s decision … “for now.”

Then, Shane McMahon booked a handicap match tonight with KO and SZ against Nakamura, Randy Orton and AJ Styles. McMahon did a super babyface thing where he approached a child in the crowd and acted as if the young man told him the name of Styles.

When Shane walked backstage, Daniel Bryan was standing there and said, “You’re baffled, uh, well, you did a hellish main event.” The two shook hands and McMahon left while Daniel was there. That was not strange at all.

Becky Lynch (with Naomi and Charlotte Flair) against Ruby Riott (with The Riott Squad)

Becky Lynch has returned from her break thanks to Riott Squad (although she was away for the same reason as The Miz) and now seeks revenge on The Riott Squad.

Riott and Lynch fought a fairly even match, although Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan really did everything they could to get involved. Logan punched Becky’s foot when she fired at the ropes and it looked like she was supposed to grab her, but it failed.

Ruby kept Lynch punished for a while with scissors in her leg and kept her on the ground as much as possible by slowing things down with some holds until Becky discarded Riott and scored a passer for a double.

Lynch started hitting Riott and started placing uppercuts and a good side kick followed by a German suplex and a Becksploder. Riott dodged a kick from Becky and took control until Lynch reversed a Riott Kick and slapped Dis Arm Her for the win.

Winner: Becky Lynch through the presentation

After the match ended, the babyfaces celebrated in the ring as the best friends they are.

The Ascension vs. The Bludgeon Brothers

We’re going to see this match happen because at this point they should keep Harper and Rowan away from the SmackDown Tag team titles because as soon as they have a chance, they will logically have to win the belts, right?

As soon as the bell rang, The Ascension tried to jump to Harper but it did not last long. They hit the Crucifix Slam in a short time.

Winners: The Bludgeon Brothers by pinfall

After the match ended, Harper and Rowan got a beating and another finisher. Yes, they like the club.

Zack Ryder vs Raw Mojo

It’s time for Hype Bros to fight once again because it looked like Ryder sported a new merchandise before the match started. Okay, the new Mojo Rawley theme sounds like something from a Sega Genisis match that I could not play because it would give me an attack.

Ryder had a real fire under him for this match because he did not want to repeat in the kickoff show of Clash Of Champions. These two actually had a better combination here than in COC as well.

But Mojo would soon take control and begin to hit the rigging and then hit the forearm running in the corner and picked up the victory. That was reasonably simple.

Winner: Mojo Rawley via pinfall

After the match was over, Bobby Roode climbed into the ring and shook his head at Mojo before Mr. Get Hyped Stay Hyped walked away and Roode’s Gloriosa music played.

Jinder Mahal made a behind-the-scenes promotion on why he will become the US champion. UU Because it is a logical step to be the WWE champion most of the year.

Shelton Benjamin and Chad Gable

Before the match began, Gable did a high-heeled promotion on how no one in the building knows what it is that his sacrifice pays off. Benjamin said that Alabama winning the National Championship had nothing to do with the crowd that attended because all they did was look on his couch and fill his face.

Gable said last week that when they won the titles for a moment they had ecstasy running through their bodies, which is interesting. Apparently, MDMA is not on the list of prohibited substances.

Gable and Benjamin said they did not lose anyone except for the instant response last week and demanded that the referee who made the call come out to restart the match. Then Daniel Bryan left.

Bryan said he knows what it is to take something he loves and then said there are some rules that the list must understand, the decision of the referee is final. Benjamin said the decision was that they won the match, “except you did not win the match, you put the wrong use,” Bryan replied. Bryan said that’s how he felt.

“Tell me more about how you felt,” Gable said, and then said it was not Dr. Phil. Gable went on to say how he felt when he said that Byran was just being mean to them because Shane was angry at him. He then asked if they needed to beat The Usos twice on the same night and then Daniel Bryan said it was a great idea, so he booked a match of two of three against Usos at the Royal Rumble.

Backstage Segment

Randy Orton and AJ Styles talked about their main event. Orton said that AJ needs to trust him tonight, but when he wins the Royal Rumble, he will look for that title. Then Nakamura was there and said, “Not so fast,” then Shinsuke simply played the title of AJ, “good conversation,” Nakamura said and then left.

Rusev Day vs Breezango

Aiden English told the crowd to leave the hot dogs and the cake on the road. Then he sang his official entry into the Rusev Rumble Match on Rusev’s day. I guess it’s the same as the Royal Rumble match, but they’ll probably sell more shirts if Rusev Rumble says. Yes, I’m wearing my Happy Rusev Day shirt and no, I do not do that kind of thing on purpose.

It’s really amazing how well Rusev and English are at this point, but Breezango were the obvious baby faces in this match. Breezango had the advantage although they changed advantage a bit.

Then Rusev got the tag and started harassing in an assault on Dango. He kicked some kicks and prepared for the Accolade, but Breeze got involved. Rusev hit Breeze with a Superkick that gave Dango the chance to score a roll-up pin for a quick victory, while Rusev threw a tantrum in the ring.

Winners: Breezango via pinfall

“Good for them,” Daniel Bryan said as he watched on a monitor behind the stage. Shane McMahon approached him and told him they were not on the same page, that his decision-making has sometimes been revealed as impetuous and irrational.

McMahon gave a summary of all the matchs that D-Bye booked recently and asked if he is doing well because he does not seem well. So Daniel Bryan said that considering Shane’s gene pool, he should be asking the same question. Oh!

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn vs. AJ Styles, Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura

The faces of babies took him to the Yep Movement until Kevin Owens got the label and then he and AJ Styles worked a little back and forth. Styles placed on a forearm and it looked like it was going for the clash of styles but Sami dragged Owens out of the ring and started to pull away.

Suddenly, Shane McMahon came out and said: “No, no, no, it’s not happening on my watch, this match is now a no telling … restart the match”, so the bell rang without the referee asking for a count in the first place.

When the match continued in the ring, KO and Styles continued to fight until Zayn took the tag. Then, Orton was tagged and then Owens brought a chair to Orton just as he was preparing for the RKO.

As the babyfaces were announced as the winners, Shane McMahon came down and said the party now did not have DQ. So AJ Styles brought a chair to Owens on the ramp and again in the entrance area.

AJ led Kevin behind the stage leaving Sami alone with Nakamura and Orton. The two faces of the baby caught Zayn before he could leave and hit him against the ring post. Then Orton took the steps of the ring and brought them to Zayn’s face.a

Then, the two faces of babies threw Zayn on the bulletin board before cleaning the furniture so that Orton could supplement Zayn on top. Then, Sami rolled through the ring and Nakaura hit Kinsasha. Orton connected an RKO, and that was all he wrote for the Yep Movement that night.

Winners: AJ Styles, Shinsuke Nakamura and Randy Orton for pinfall

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