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WWE Raw Kane attacks Brock Lesnar

Kane can be the living embodiment of the destruction of a single mind, but even he knows that hitting Brock Lesnar will require some strategy. But although The Big Red Machine showed its intelligence by offering Braun Strowman the opportunity to join forces as “alpha monsters” of the WWE and defeat Lesnar in Royal Rumble, The Monster Among Men remained firmly in Team Braun.

Then, when Lesnar and Paul Heyman arrived to play in “The Year of the Beast” and promised domination at the Royal Rumble despite the “stacked hammer” with which Lesnar had to fight once more, Kane set out to interfere.

Strowman was not there when The Devil’s Demon favorite appeared on the scene (he was watching from the backstage), but Kane stood his ground against The Beast Incarnate anyway, planting Lesnar with a thunderous Chokeslam that apparently left him … until Lesnar sat down. He stood next to the Big Red Machine and sent his enemy to fall on the top rope, instigating a ringside fight that required most of the locker room to calm down when Raw left the air.

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