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WWE Superstar: Shane McMahon taken local medical facility after Hell in a Cell 2017

The Smackdown commissioner was hospitalized after his brutal battle with Kevin Owens.

What is the story Shane McMahon?

Smackdown commissioner Shane McMahon was hospitalized instantly after his brutal Hell in a Cell match with Kevin Owens at WWE Hell in a Cell 2017.

In case you didn’t know…

This previous Sunday, Shane McMahon went face-to-face with former United States champion Kevin Owens contained in the barbaric hell in a cell match.

McMahon lose to Owens on the night because of Sami Zayn interference, who pulled Owens out of the best way as the Boy Surprise jumped from the highest of the cell. The Smackdown commissioner went through an announce desk in brutal style, which left him with a number of accidents.

The center of the matter

After his loss to Kevin Owens on the evening, Shane McMahon was reportedly left with neck trauma, fractured ribs, dislocated shoulder because of his fall from the highest of the cell.

WWE issued a press release on their official web site relating to Shane’s condition, which said that Shane had been taken to hospital after crashing by an announce desk during his falls count anywhere match.

It looks like Shane McMahon can be off TV for a particular period of time, having suffered a number of injuries after the devastating fall. WWE has stated preparatory report seemed to have confirmed Shane’s neck, ribs and shoulder damage.

While there was no official statement on when Shane is expected to make his return, WWE has mentioned that they’ll keep monitoring Shane’s condition carefully and can keep everybody up to date. At this moment, there isn’t any indication whether or not this can be a work or a shoot.

What is next?

Having suffered a neck trauma, fractured ribs, and a dislocated shoulder, it doesn’t appear that the former WWE Hardcore champion will make his return anytime quickly.

There has also been a rumour suggesting that Shane O’Mac might team up with AJ Styles at Survivor Series to take on the duo of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn; if that plan does come to fruition, this statement is nothing more than part of a storyline.

Creator’s take

The thought of Shane McMahon and AJ vs Zayn and Owens is promising, and the vast majority of WWE plans most likely concur. However, if McMahon is genuinely injured, those plans must exit of the window.

Updated: January 1, 2018 — 1:08 pm
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