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WWE 10 photos of struggling women revealing more than they wanted

1. paige’s private photos leaked

One of the best news of 2017 in wrestling came from embarrassing photos that someone does not want you to see. Those images were of the leader of the WWE Absolution, Paige. Fortunately, she has left the situation stronger than ever with excellent support from fans and a new faction on Raw, but that plunged her into a very low personal moment.

Paige admitted collapsing by not eating enough due to the situation in which many of her private photos and videos were shared online for the world to see her in sexual acts. This caused great news and, unfortunately, these leaks continue to occur, although fortunately they are less fanfares. The images not only damaged Paige but also Xavier Woods and her boyfriend at the time, Alberto El Patron, and they really exposed Paige in a way that no one should have to pass, famous or not.



Not all embarrassing photos on this list see women in question naked or in underwear, and this is one of them. Mickie James is one of the best fighters of all time and one of the most respected women in the business.

Then, when she was subjected to very obvious intimidation as part of a story, it was something that fans did not like and left James feeling embarrassed about the whole situation, as he quickly left the WWE soon after. Being called ‘Piggy James’ with a focus on her looks and, in particular, her weight (which nobody thought was a problem) the story saw her being bullied weekly and left her ridiculous, pointing out the flaws that did not make her vision pleasant.



Now, this image is shameful to several people and, in fact, includes some of the best male talents in WWE, such as Braun Strowman and Elias, but as this article focuses on women, we will do just that. During the height of his powers, Adam Rose was a popular act on NXT and saw many of his fellow superstars disguise themselves as their “rosebuds” before they had a chance to prove they were stars bigger than him.

Several women became rosebuds during their development stage, with this particular image that highlights both Carmella and Becky Lynch. When you think about how they are now in WWE, they probably do not want to think at this time, let alone remind them.



AJ Lee is now a woman happily married to former WWE superstar, CM Punk, which is odd given that the situation she might be ashamed of could also be what brought them together.

During the height of his madness story, Lee would find attraction in three men, one of whom was Punk, while the others were Kane and Daniel Bryan, with AJ falling for all of them in a short period of time. Not to mention his love story with Dolph Ziggler, he managed to accumulate a pretty impressive list of screen lovers, creating a catalog of images he probably would not want to talk about.



It is fair to say that Nikki Bella is madly in love with her current boyfriend, John Cena, as evidenced by any episode of Total Divas or Total Bellas. Nikki had her fairy-tale moment at WrestleMania 33 when John Cena proposed in the middle of the ring, and everything is sun and roses at the moment.

However, that does not mean that there is no skeleton in her closet or photos in an album that she would not want her future husband to stumble upon. All have past relationships, but not all ex work in the same company and have fought against your current boyfriend countless times. Seeing the images of her and Dolph Ziggler since they were an object are probably the ones she will not want to see again, but, unfortunately for her, the Internet is likely to remain forever, so she can not escape them.


Even though the WWE superstars have a fantastic life, they pay well, they have fans from all over the world and they travel the world as their work. For some reason, many of them still see the need to break the law.

In one of the most embarrassing moments of her career, Emma was arrested for stealing an iPad case. That’s right, a case for an iPad. Given the amount of money she won in WWE, there’s no way she needs to do this, but she still did. Most likely, her police photo is released, probably a simple reminder of how stupid was the crime that took her to that place, but the images are not exactly flattering and left her a little red when they picked her up by fans of WWE


Like Trish Stratus at the top of the list, Lita is one of the best workers in the business and their fight together is still seen as one of the best in women’s history. Lita, unlike Stratus, promoted her physical attractiveness. From her passionate kisses with Edge to showing off her thongs, Lita made it part of her act.

Due to that, it is probable that there are not many pictures that leave her ashamed. But the images of the famous “intimate” live celebration between the couple could prove that it is one that does the trick. That moment is still one of the moments that fans remember more about Lita, which is a shame given the quality matches and movements he showed throughout his career. While this was an iconic moment, it’s probably not one that wants to show the in-laws, right?



Kissing a married man is never a good idea for children, if you take something from this article, so be it. What a pity that popular Diva, Kelly Kelly did not have the opportunity to read this before going against that advice during her time with WWE.

Not only did she plant her lips on WWE legend, Chris Jericho, but she (and he, for that matter) allowed her to take a picture of them doing it, that quickly found her way on the internet (of course) and probably left Y2J in a difficult place Fortunately, this situation never became something that could have been a major problem, but the image took away the image of Kelly’s “good girl” and left many fans wondering why they were so close.



When you think of the greatest fighters of all time, it is likely that Trish Stratus is one of the first names that comes to mind as it really made its mark in the industry, proving that women could be event-level talents. principal.

Stratus was known for her fighting ability and her connection to fans and always wore a fairly conservative outfit compared to her fellow workers, something she did intentionally. Trish wanted the focus to be on her work, not on her body, and that was a method that worked for her. That was up to a terrible angle with Vince McMahon that forced her to undress and get on all fours and bark like a dog. It’s not exactly a time that Trish wants to be remembered.

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