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Update on Neville’s future in WWE

Nevill has not been seen in WWE for several months, and almost nobody knows when he will return to the company, or if he will make another appearance in the company in the future.

The King of Cruiserweights has not been seen in WWE since it came out during an episode of Monday Night Raw in early October of last year. Although WWE has not recognized it, it has been widely considered that it has abandoned the promotion.

The following month, reports surfaced that there had been positive discussions between Neville and WWE with some in the company believing that he might be on his way back to competing in the ring again, but at the time of writing, this is yet to happen.

Since then, much more has not been reported about Neville’s situation and his status in the WWE than the strange comments of the superstars he used to work with, such as Cruise Champion Enzo Amore, who said last week that he expects English return to WWE soon so they can continue their dispute.

Following the recent comments of Enzo, during the section of the mailbox about a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, through Ringside News, Dave Meltzer was asked about the future of Neville in WWE and if he still remains under contract with the company.

Meltzer stated that The King of the Cruiserweights is still under contract with the WWE, but he also wants to be released from the company. He said that WWE will probably not release him and that they will wait until his contract expires.

Meltzer, however, could not provide a date for when his contract expires.
Update-on-the-future-of-Neville-in-the-WWE It seems as if the promising conversations that took place between WWE and Neville in November have come to nothing and the former Cruiserweight champion still wants to leave the company, which will surely disappoint many members of the WWE Universe.

Many fans will keep crossing their fingers for WWE to simply keep the news about Neville’s peace of mind in order to make him a surprise participant in the Royal Rumble at the end of the month, but if Meltzer is right, that’s a lot of time, it is unlikely to be the case.

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