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The Bálor Club faced Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Jason Jordan

Still bursting with his epic title defense against Samoa Joe last week, Roman Reigns came to Memphis looking to expand his Roman Empire. Little did he know, he entered a good brother town.

To be fair, it was not exactly The Big Dog’s boast or his proclamation that “if you mess with one of the Shield members, you mess with all of us” that triggered the collective ire of Finn Bálor, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, the reunited career partners who now call themselves The Bálor Club. That flaw falls on Jason Jordan, whose victory in Raw Tag Team Title with Seth Rollins led the young superstar to become too familiar with Reigns and Rollins.

Jordan boasts that he, Reigns and The Kingslayer (disappointed, for what it’s worth, for the lack of “synchronization” of his partner) could be nothing less than “the most dominant three-man group in WWE” was what brought The Bálor Club seriously, leading to a confrontation that overflowed when good brothers hinted that Jordan was a nerd. Jordan responded with a slap in the face of Gallows, and Raw’s General Manager, Kurt Angle, provided the solution, sanctioning a Six-Man Match Team Team between the two groups for later in the evening.

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