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Seth Rollins Defeated Jason Jordan: Raw 18th December 2017

For weeks, Jason Jordan has been the proverbial fly in the bucket for both The Shield and Samoa Joe, trying to make his way in a bout with The Samoan Submission Machine despite his father Kurt Angle’s insistence that he still has not got it. has won and despite the fact that The Hounds of Justice has a long-standing grudge with Joe.

This week, Jordan tried to jump the line by facing Joe’s planned opponent, Seth Rollins, and pushing him to the canvas after an insult from The Kingslayer. But all he did was achieved a pairing with the former WWE champion that did not work the way he had hoped. Angle sweetened the well by announcing that the winner would face Joe once on the line, but even with his goal within reach, Jordan once again became a very strong performance in an effort to lose.

Rollins suffered a lot of suplexes throughout the long contest, but the presence of Joe at ringside allowed The Architect to draw two birds with one stone throwing Jordan against Joe, covering the Samoan with a superkick, and then sending Jordan with the knee ripcord for the victory.

Joe, who had promised the winner would receive the honor of a beating in his hands, kept his word by defeating Rollins with a cheap shot and an Uranage. He shot Jordan a goodbye as well, leading to a behind-the-scenes confrontation involving Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Jordan, all competing for another game against Joe. Angle was forced to split the difference for the second time on the same night: Rollins and Jordan would join Ambrose against Joe, Cesaro and Sheaumus later in the evening.

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