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Samoa Joe injured and taken out of a big event

Samoa Joe has done a lot in his career and has never let him get in his way, but apparently, today is not his lucky day. Even though it was actually a good day to start, Joe saw how he announced he had a leading role in the upcoming Transformers franchise.

Samoan Submission Machine has a passionate fan base, so it should come as no surprise that Samoa Joe has won a Facebook poll to become a member of the Bayley label team for the upcoming WWE Mixed Match Challenge series on Facebook Watch.

But unfortunately, Joe will not be able to perform the festivities because Kurt Angle announced that Samoa Joe is injured. Therefore, Joe can not act on the groundbreaking series that could find a new home for future WWE programming in the coming years.

Elias was second to Jason Jordan in the survey, so Bayley will have Elias as a partner. This is a terrible time for Samoa Joe, as he was expected to continue with Roman Reigns, who could have seen a great game at the Royal Rumble.

We only hope that this injury is not so bad that Samoa Joe will miss another WrestleMania. He was totally healthy last year, but completely ignored him completely during the show. It would be amazing if Samoa Joe is able to get back to the fight form in time to jump on the road to WrestleMania.

The only part I can not decipher is when Samoa Joe got hurt on Raw this week. It is true that injuries can occur at any time during the most mundane movements due to the wear and tear of your body. But if someone could point out the moment when Samoa Joe hurt himself while crushing Rhyno, that information would be really useful.

But it is said that this injury is legitimate and it is horrible to hear things like this happen.

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