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Morning report: Matt Brown is ready to leave retirement to ‘hook’ with Carlos Condit

There is still hope for one of the most anticipated welterweight matches that never came to fruition.

Four years ago at the UFC on Fox 9, Matt Brown and Carlos Condit faced off in what appeared to be a safe Fight of the Night, if not a Fight of the Year contender. Unfortunately, the injury error intervened when Brown suffered a back injury that forced him to quit the fight. The fight was never reserved again and with Brown’s recent statements about the possibility of retiring from MMA after the fight at UFC Norfolk last November, along with Condit’s own diminishing interest in the sport, it seemed that he could never happen.

But not so fast! Speaking recently with the Fight Society podcast, Brown suggested that he would postpone his “semi-retirement” if a fight with Condit was on the table.

“Maybe it’s time we closed the horns,” Brown said. “I would love it, I have a lot of respect for him, of course, I would love it, everyone would want to see that fight, it was supposed to happen before, we’ll see what happens, that’s definitely a people I’d like to see no matter what, it would be a fight for ages. Now it would be a fight that would make me want to leave semi-retirement. ”

“I have not made any decision about anything, that would be one that would probably wake me up and take me out of bed.”

Condit and Brown became famous as two of the most exciting fighters on the UFC list, and they combined for nine Fight of the Night awards in total. When the first meeting was scheduled, Brown had a six-fight winning streak and Condit was only a year away from losing his interim UFC title in a unification fight with Georges St-Pierre.

Now, both men have fallen into more difficult times inside the cage. Condit is currently on a three-game losing streak, having faced Neil Magny last weekend at UFC 219. Brown is not doing much better, going solo 1-3 in that same time period, although his last fight he did see him he scores a spectacular KO over Diego Sánchez. But despite the fact that none of the men are really in contention for the title, Brown insists that any fight between the two would be a worthy main event, and he expects UFC matchmaker Sean Shelby to agree with him.

“We would definitely have to go to five,” Brown said. “We’ll see what happens, maybe Sean Shelby will be listening and calling me next week.”

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