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Kurt Angle announced the rules of the Women’s Royal Rumble Match

MIAMI – It’s a new year, and the first order of the General Manager of Raw Kurt Angle sounded in 2018 with good news for the WWE Universe: Announcing that the first female Royal Rumble Match would be played under the same rules as always. match. That means 30 participants, eliminations occur when superstars surpass the top rope and both feet touch the floor, and the winner gets a championship match at WrestleMania.

After that, however, he went back to business as usual, with Cesaro and Sheamus protesting Angle’s decision to pair his son Jason Jordan with Seth Rollins last week, an impromptu union that led The Bar to lose their titles. Raw Tag team and demanding a rematch. Angle rejected them on that front, but the confrontation drew Jordan and led to a match between the young champion and Cesaro. At that time, Rollins came to match the odds and, more importantly, dispel some wisdom.

In the eyes of the Architect, Jordan had a lot to learn about being a teammate, specifically to avoid rushing to a 2-on-1 disadvantage without thinking how such a decision could affect the team. Rollins gave a bit of hard love to a punished Jordan, saying that while he would be ringside for the sake of his teammate and his titles, he did not have high hopes for Jordan’s chances of “self-absorbed” against Cesaro. As if to illustrate Rollins’ point, The King of Swing attacked Jordan from behind and sent him flying out of the ring, kicking his game seriously.

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