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Former WWE World Champion forced to retire due to an injury in the live event

WWE World Champion forced to retire due to an injury. While some wrestlers seem to last forever (ahem, Ric Flair), others are taken out of business too soon.

Stone Cold Steve Austin was forced to retire in 2003 after his fight with The Rock at WrestleMania 19 due to a long-term neck problem that mostly came from a failed Owen Hart Piledriver.

Daniel Bryan, at the height of his fame in the industry and arguably the most popular superstar in a decade, was also forced to leave in 2016 due to repeated concussions that had caused convulsions for the former world champion.

Edge also called him one day in 2011 due to long-term neck problems and his Hall of Fame career ended before many fans were ready to say goodbye.

It seems that neck problems are a common trend among wrestlers, and the injury has stolen the race to another star.

Twice WWE divas champion, now it’s the women’s title. Paige has been informed that WWE will not leave her to fight again.

The British star, only 25 years old, has been out of action since he suffered an injury at a live RAW event at the Nassau Coliseum in late December. Paige was joining with Absolution members Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville against Sasha Banks, Bayley and Mickie James.

Paige was kicked in the back of Banks and dropped on the canvas, but had trouble standing before falling to the canvas, which caused the referee to signal of injury “X” and stop the match.

A stretcher was removed, however, she was able to walk towards the back with the help of the doctors.

Although her participation in the first female Royal Rumble was in doubt, it has now been reported from multiple sources that WWE management informed her on Monday that she is “ready” for the fight.

Whether he continues with the company as manager of Deville and Rose or not, it remains to be seen, but he only has a renewable one-year contract, so he apparently could leave when he feels like it.

At age 25, Anti-Diva still has a lot to offer the industry and we hope it does.

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