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Enzo Amore was injured in raw this week

It has not been the best year for Enzo Amore, but he follows and leads the WWE Cruiserweight Championship through him. He was sick with the flu on New Year’s Day and he even had to miss P Diddy’s big New Year’s Eve party.

Now Amore is in the middle of a show with Cedric Alexander and it seems that things could be in danger now because The Realest Guy In The Room seems to be injured.

There was a strange moment on Raw when Enzo Amore was arrested by Cedric Alexander and then caught Alexander in a dive when Enzo’s ankle was injured. The medical staff ran around Amore and could not get rid of him until all the blood was cleansed. But Enzo really was only worried about his ankle. Amore even tried to remove one of them, but the medical staff persisted in making the shot more friendly for PG Era.

Enzo was counted out of his Cruiserweight Championship match so Alexander won but Amore kept the championship. This fight could be going to something else, but if Enzo Amore’s ankle does not come out, then there could be some problems for the Smack Talker Skywalker.

In a video taken behind the scenes, you can see that Amore not only needed four points, but his ankle will also need an X-ray. We can not say if this is a job or a shoot at this point because, honestly, Enzo Amore is a pretty good actor. But it could mean some interesting developments in the image of the cruiserweight title, nonetheless.

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