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Comments from Triple H about a possible return inside the ring for Daniel Bryan

Many fans expect WWE to allow Daniel Bryan to come out of retirement and return to the ring once again to compete. Currently, however, he has not been authorized by WWE doctors to compete in the ring for them.

If the general manager of SmackDown Live is not approved by the WWE to compete in the ring, then many fans believe that he will leave the WWE to go and fight in another place, either with Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Dr. Joseph Maroon will be the person who will make the final decision on whether he will be allowed to fight again in WWE, and his decision could also decide if The King of Beards stays or leaves the company once his contract expires in September.

During a recent appearance on the TV Critics Association’s winter press tour panel for the 25th anniversary of WWE Raw, Triple H shed some light on the situation regarding Bryan in the WWE and whether he will be able to compete within the ring in the near future.

The game says that unless Bryan is medically authorized to compete, he will not fight again for WWE. He went on to praise the WWE medical staff for being one of the best on the planet, while saying that he expects Bryan to make the best decision for him and his family.

He said, through Gamespot: “There can be no exception, medically if the belief is that it is not healthy enough and is a risk to perform, then I do not know why we will ever allow you to get into the ring unless you can prove it otherwise.

“We have some of the best medical people in the world who work for us, our wellness policy, our concussion programs, our protocols: I will put them against anyone on the planet.

“The medical experts will determine if Bryan can put a foot on that ring or not, personally, for him, I know it’s something he loved and I hope he has that opportunity, but at the same time, he’s married and has a son. We serve the human being first. ”
Daniel-Bryan-pic WWE does not want to see Bryan leave the company for the independent scene, but the man has told himself that he will no longer be the general manager of SmackDown once his current contract expires. Therefore, if WWE does not clear it to compete, he will probably leave the company.

If Bryan leaves the WWE, it is expected that the company will give him the farewell he deserves for everything he has done for them inside the square circle.

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