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Chris Jericho does not take on the new Japan while jumping on Tetsuya Naito on the New Year’s board

Chris Jericho and Kenny Omega could have left everything in the ring during the penultimate match of Wrestle Kingdom 12 on January 4, but not even 24 hours later, it seems that Chris Jericho has not yet finished with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Because he is attacking a man who was in the other main event of the night at the Tokyo Dome this year.

Y2J appeared at the NJPW New Year’s Dash event where he jumped Tetsuya Naito by surprise. Although he did not look for Naito, this sneak attack certainly said a lot about Jericho’s intentions.

It should be understood that the relationship between Chris Jericho and New Japan could be longer than a single match. After all, Jericho’s new “Alpha Club” T-shirt is being installed at Hot Topic stores all over the place as part of its New Japan t-shirt line. Therefore, there is obviously money in that association, as well as some very interesting possibilities when it comes to other incredible people in New Japan with whom Jericho could compete.

Naito and Jericho could also be a barnberner of a match and it seems that very well could happen at this time. After all, they probably are not bothering you for no reason. We will have to see when this match will be reduced. But the important part is that obviously something is still going on between Chris Jericho and NJPW.

Although he was attacked from the back, this did not seem to change Naito’s mood since he still showed a bit of his classic personality after a random assault of The Ayatollah Of Rock n Rolla.

Honestly, Naito vs. Jericho should thrill people too. Tetsuya Naito might not be as famous as Kenny Omega in the United States (yet), but the leader of The Ungovernables of Japan has a large following that is only growing as he continues to deliver incredible matches like the one he delivered. in the final match of Wrestle Kingdom 12 against Kazuchika Okada.

Now it seems that Naito will have to face Chris Jericho, which is a really exciting prospect.

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