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5 Most Underrated Matches of 2017 that you may have Forgotten

5 Most Underrated Matches of 2017

It’s a very nice year, we had to do the list twice. Our list of the 25 best games of the year classifies the most epic and memorable contests that WWE had to offer in 2017, but a controversial voting process left a lot of greatness on the floor of the courtroom. And that was something that we just could not stand. Therefore, as a classmate on the larger list, and as a way to give some of the less remembered classics their due, we present, ungraded, 5 Most Underrated Matches of 2017 year.

1 Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match


We said: So, the first Women’s Money Match in the Bank was won by a guy. Whoops. Time for a mulligan. When asked not only to make history but to repeat it, the women of SmackDown LIVE delivered for the second time in three days, turning it into an epic showcase that was on the same level as anything that the male Superstars have created together. That Carmella has won the coveted contract once again, and without any help, was further evidence that her status as a future woman was not a coincidence.

They said: “We all wanted to come together and make history and have the best couple we can have.” It was a surreal feeling. The first time I saw a ladder, I could not even lift it. But standing in the ring with the girls, and that crowd, you could feel how special it was. That is a feeling I will never forget. I’ve only been doing this for less than four years, [but] whatever happens in the future, I’ve always made history. It’s a great and exciting time for women in this industry. “- CARMELLA

2 Enzo Amore vs Kalisto


We said: Everyone hates Enzo Amore, and everyone had the opportunity to show how much in this Lumberjack Match he saw The Realest Guy in the Room defending his evil WWE Cruiserweight Championship against Kalisto, the new signe of the division. A clause that Enzo had failed meant that no one else could challenge the title if he lost, and thanks to no small help from competitors seeking to restore the competitive field, The King of Flight walked away as champion to usher in a new day for 205 Live. That he won it on the birthday of one of his heroes in the ring, the late Eddie Guerrero, made it even sweeter.

They said: “That was one of the first times I closed Raw, it was awesome, when I get moments like that, I always try to make the most of it and give it everything, everything I have, so I can make sure I can perform at my best. At that time, it was very surreal, it was one of the best days of my life, I feel like I opened the door for everyone to have the opportunity to get the cruise title, I closed that clause, that moment when everyone started celebrating, It made me happy It made me smile that everyone had a chance Who knows? 205 Live may close one payment per event My dream is to have a Ladder Match at WrestleMania where all Cruiserweights can show their true art. ” KALISTO

3 Sami Zayn vs Braun Strowman – Last Man Standing Match


In one of the most impressive dice rolls of then-General Manager-in-Chief Mick Foley, he allowed Sami Zayn to try to prove himself against a still-ascending Braun Strowman. The former NXT champion scored a 10-minute moral victory against The Monster Among Men, but Strowman had the last word in this Last Man Standing contest that extended to the locker room and beyond. Still, it was the deepest proof that Zayn would not be retained, a clear indicator, in retrospect, that he would take his destiny into his own hands once he got to SmackDown LIVE.

4 Shinsuke Nakamura vs Dolph Ziggler


Shinsuke Nakamura became a household name about five minutes after he appeared on SmackDown LIVE, but do not sleep with his exclusive rival of the year, Dolph Ziggler. The Showoff may have abandoned its most striking tendencies, but the former world heavyweight champion has not lost a single step in the ring, going hand in hand with The King of Strong Style throughout 2017. This match on June 20, with His sternum rattle kicks and serpentine mat game, was among his best.

5 Alexa Bliss vs Mickie James – Raw Women’s Championship Match


We said: experienced veteran against a newcomer on a good run. It’s a story as old as before, only that Alexa Bliss decided to focus on the “old” during the period leading up to her defense of the title against six-time Women’s Champion Mickie James. The response was an unexpected performance by Mickie, who dedicated the challenge to her son and did not hide her desire to bring a title to her home. He may have fallen short, but he was proud of it anyway.

They said: “The focus of that game is basically trying to keep up, the fact that she is a veteran and has accomplished a lot, and trying to follow in her footsteps while having a match with her is amazing. I learned a lot from her, but to face someone in the ring, you learn a lot from them, she’s an amazing opponent, and she does not know what’s going on in the business, and Mickie taught me as much as an interpreter. I would do otherwise. “ALEXA BLISS

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